Monday, November 30, 2009

Left Wing

In this picture I just finished installing the new leading edges. Time to Varnish!

Dads little helper

I found this picture of JJ sanding the rear seat frame. He now informs me he will be doing the test flight.
JJ sanding the rear seat frame.


The rebuild of the wings continue. The left wing is complete minus installing the new electrical wiring and test fitting the landing light. The right wing is moving along. Tonight I got side tracked and installed a few instruments I just got back from the overhaul shop instead. I have to finish the butt rib and then it is time to install the metal back into the wing. I plan on getting this rib finished tomorrow night.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oil Cooler and tank

After spending a lot of time, money and energy repairing the oil tank I found a NOS tank that will be replacing this one in the picture. The dent in the side drives me nuts every time I look at it.

Engine 0 SMOH

Installing instruments and avionics

Front seats and interior installed

Back on her gear

Tennessee Red and Daytona White

Base White

Sanding the belly.

Silver UV (time to sand)

Time for Nitrate Dope

Fabric work

I like this view.

Glueing Ceconite

Fuselage Ready To Cover

Battery Box

Firewall pad and interior

Side Panels and Carpet

Rear Seat Installed


Baggage Compartment Lid

New Headliner Installed

New Floorboards Installed

Baggage Compartment

New baggage bag made using the original as a pattern.


Rebuilt doors.

Lots of wood!!

Bulkheads and stringers

I made all new bulkheads and stingers using the originals as patterns.

Fuselage sand blasted and epoxy primed and painted.

Here is my new project. A 1946 Fairchild 24. My dad and I drove a 26' Penske truck up from del Ray Beech Florida, 17 hours. All said the trip was quick but a great time. Now the work begins.